Every minute we have in life is precious. Yet like grains of sand, moments can get lost when we take them for granted. Often, not until a significant event occurs, do some of us "wake up" to the transient beauty and reality of what we have and the potential of whom we can become. These moments of surprise can help us slow us down, connect back to our heart, and notice the treasures around us. It is then when we have the opportunity to connect both deeply with ourselves and others, fully experiencing the mystery and beauty that life has to offer.  In our complicated world, don't we need this more than ever?

Waking up to ourselves, we expose our heart-wisdom - what is important, what matters and what we want for this moment and for the next.  We have the opportunity to truly embrace our unique potential. In a safe and nurturing space, I journey with people in exploring their story. With this knowledge, we can look at what is most meaningful to you, connect with the deepest parts of yourself, walking together on life's path to bring you back to center, to home.  The legacy you are meant to create & share with others is, right here and yours, for the taking.  In the words of Gandalf, "All we have to decide, is what to do with the time given to us."

I provide individual and relationship psychotherapy, concierge palliative care advocacy & counseling, and professional development services. I invite you to browse my site and contact me to discuss your needs.